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Flag Avatars

Italiano San Marino
14-08-2007, 01:52
Can we have avatars of our nation's flags please. I think it would make the forums a funner and more improved place. I feel that many people would agree with me if the question was brought up. Also my signature is not showing up nor anyone else's is. Can you also fix that?
Greater Ctesiphon
14-08-2007, 02:00
I like the idea of having Flags as our Avatars...
14-08-2007, 02:01
The avatars won't be happening, as our flags sit on the game server, and the avatars would sit on the Jolt forum server. There may be a non-technical reason that Max negotiated with Jolt as well, but there's not much we can do about that. Not gonna happen.

As for the sigs, you can fix that yourself. Hit the User CP in the upper left and click Edit Options. Show signatures is one of the checkboxes.