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Another: Got more endorsements, but not change.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-08-2007, 08:14
We had another incident of the had more endorsements but not change of delegate.

Region: Football Forever
Current Delegate: Hot Pink Lava Lamps (elected 3 days ago)

Nations moved in at approximately 1:30 PM EST. When defenders moved in the current delegate was elected 3 days ago.

Within the past hour, the region "updated" but no change in delegate. The defender's took the lead at 10-6. Everything processed, the defenders were incorperated into the region, the pending UN endorsements went through, the whole nine yards.....the delegate stayed the same, endorsed 3 days ago (4 days ago) and still delegate although exceeded by endorsement level.

I was just wandering if this was a one time fluke or if there is a system error needing to be investigated?

Thank you for your time....hope this doesn't cause too much of a problem.

04-08-2007, 08:40
The UN report for that region has a total of 16 nations in it. Those are the nations which participated in the update of that region.

Note all the nations who took part in the update in a different region are not listed, and their endorsement doesn't count in the update of Football Forever. Is it possible (part of) the defender army had already gone through the update in a different region?