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Moderator approving posts?

Nova Nippon
25-07-2007, 06:15
Has the "moderator have to approve you posts" been turned back on all of a sudden? It wasn't doing that to me this afternoon, and now suddenly it is?

Rather confusing as the message that a mod has to approve it rather quickly disappears while you are going "say what?"
The Most Glorious Hack
25-07-2007, 12:50
Nothing has changed.

And if it had, we'd be the last to know, as we have nothing to do with it.
25-07-2007, 13:13
Approval is based on key spam words in the post, including many that are used in roleplay and general (such as 'free', 'sex', and even 'phone'). We don't have a full list, but those three are obvious. It also Moderates posts with embedded pictures or URLs.

If you make a post without any of those, it goes through fine. Add even one in one of your first ten posts and it's Moderated.

A suggestion to anyone breaking in a new RP puppet: Run down to the Jolt Spam forum and make 10 quick posts, then come back here to play. That'll get you past the Moderation queue
The Steppe Empire
25-07-2007, 15:38

you mean like that?
Nova Nippon
25-07-2007, 19:56
Oye vey!
26-07-2007, 01:28
The advice about using the jolt spam forum in conjunction with the keywords should be included in the Moderated Status sticky so that newbies know what they can do to circumvent the moderation queue.
26-07-2007, 04:23
While we're not fond of the spam filter, we're not going to add an official notification to our sticky threads telling spammers how to evade the protections added by our hosting company, who incidentally don't charge us for the service. Wouldn't be polite.

Besides, it's not that hard to figure out. We've held off posting this information before because we thought it was kinda obvious anyway.