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Just An Idea.

21-07-2007, 08:28
I just recently began playing this game, and i really like it. Although, there was one thing i thought would draw more people to it. A way to have war. I know you said you won't add it, but please listen to my idea. You could make it optional, and simple. Like, a risk type of war. Its a chance that two agreeing nations would have agree to. It would add more excitement to the game. Well, that was it. If anyone has andmore ideas, please feel free to post them.
Brutland and Norden
21-07-2007, 13:20
Actually, you can do so in the 'International Incidents' forum. They/We have warr all the time. Just read the stickies though, and be aware of the conditions of the event you are joining - tech level, whether it if open to everybody or closed to some group, etc. (I generally like open roleplays (RPs). I am MT, meaning modern tech, I have present technology. )

It's free-form roleplay, and thus is very flexible.

Good luck, and happy RPing!