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ISSUES - taking it back

26-06-2007, 22:28
Right now I apparently have too many peanuts (national animal) walking around and they question what to do with them. I say roost them. Hwoever, should this be made into action and I regret it can I change it, or will it be too late? I know I have 24 hours, but if the outcome isn't what I hope it will be what do I do? can I ask for a re-vote or something?
I V Stalin
26-06-2007, 22:48
No. There is nothing you can do right now.

However, at some point in the future, it is likely you'll get the same issue again, in which case just answer it with an alternative option.

Also, there's a couple of other issues that deal with your national animal, where you can choose to extinct-ify them, or whatever you want to do. Check the stickies in the Got Issues? forum for more details if you like.