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My nation's issue history has disappeared

25-06-2007, 16:45
About 2 weeks ago, I set my nation on "Vacation Mode". At the time, it was classified as "Anarchy: Superb/Thriving/Superb", and the nation type was "The Free Land of...". But when I logged on again just now, the classification was "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy: Good/Good/Excellent", the type was "The Republic of...", and, most noticeably, the paragraph describing my nation's responses to issues was gone. I turned off vacation mode, logged out, and logged in again. This time, the nation was back to the way it was 2 weeks ago. However, when I logged out and back in again, it had returned to the erroneous state.

I know that the sudden shift in my nation's political position was caused by an error, not by my responses to issues or by an invader, because 1) The shift is too drastic to be caused by a few issues, 2) The nation inexplicably reverted back to normal before inexplicably becoming strange again, and 3) Even if an invader had been answering issues for me over the past 2 weeks, that would not have caused the paragraph of issue responses on the description page to disappear entirely. Please help!
The Most Glorious Hack
26-06-2007, 05:37
Sounds like a caching issue.

Nations cannot change if no issues are being answered, and vacation mode suspends issue processing.