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Making your own flag

22-06-2007, 17:08
I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with the create your own flag option. I can't seem to make a flag small enough in photoshop to fit the 107x71 pixel, 10 kb parameters. Any suggestions?
22-06-2007, 17:22
Yeah i had that problem i know how to fix it tho,
when your saving it click save for website then its only like 3 kb
22-06-2007, 19:19
Not sure about the lowering the kb size, but the pixel stuff is just a suggestion. my flag is larger.
22-06-2007, 21:36
What I do is go into microsoft front page and make a new web. I then make a new page within that website, insert the flag I want onto that page. Save the webpage, and it converts the image to a .jpg and a less than 10kb size, while retaining picture quality and stuff.

Hope that helps.