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Suggestion: Rules Test Before UN

22-06-2007, 08:49
Seeing as whenever there is a repeal without a replacement on the table for voting, many people want to say no to it because there is no replacement or anything like that. Some even want to replacement passed before the repeal which is against the rules. Is it possible to codify a small test after the E-mail validation asking about various UN rules?

If so, it may stop some illegal proposals.

Oh, and if you do, make sure that the nation only has to take it once.

And, if you have more than 5 questions either add them all in or just have 5 of them picked randomly. That would mean less work on the beginners and it awards those who read the rules.
22-06-2007, 13:03
The percentage of players who post proposals is microscopic compared to the overall number of new nations. We'll not be adding any barriers to starting a new nation based on those numbers.
22-06-2007, 13:47
It's a Communist conspiracy, end of story.