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Reading Telegrams Sent

17-06-2007, 13:51
Is there somewhere where one can read the telegrams one SENT (sort of like MS Office Outlook's Sent Items)? After all, when one is engaging in a dialogue with someone else, it would be nice to go and see what has been said by both yourself AND the other person up to date :-)
17-06-2007, 14:10
Nope. If you want to keep up with your in-game correspondence, you need to manage it yourself offline. Sorry.
Roving Journeymen
17-06-2007, 14:36
I always think it's a good idea to copy & paste the original TG into your reply

If someone TG's you and says "I like your flag"
You respond 3 or four days later with thanks, then it calls on the sender to remember what they're being thanked for.

I usually respond like this

I like your flag

Not a great example, but it can be helpful :)