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Jolt vs Nationstates Accounts

15-06-2007, 22:37
I was trying to look a few people up on the NS site to find they had ceased to exist and yet their Jolt accounts still appear to be active. Can deleted nations still post using their jolt accounts? Because I know on the old forums all the posts of a deleted nation all the authors became either "guest" or "n/a".
15-06-2007, 23:14
In Jolt forums, the old poster names are not removed. There's no obvious way of checking whether the nation is dead apart from trying to visit their nation page in the game.

There are some nations that ceased to exist in March and April 2007 that still have live forum accounts. This was due to a Jolt database error that has been resolved.. We're not making any great effort to find them, but we'd appreciate anyone with a live forum account and a dead nation to ask for nation restoration. This will re-sync the two accounts.