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Regional Administrator Nation Expired

Los Bolivars
13-06-2007, 15:46
My nation, Revolutionary Justice, expired.
It's my own fault, although there are extenuating circumstances (I had an operation a few weeks ago & between recovery & trying to catch up on missed work, I forgot about Nationstates!).
The problem is that I'm the teacher of a class called Global Issues at my high school (Attleboro HS, MA), and our class administered region of Attleboro is a class project.
Is there any way I can revive my nation OR transfer my Administrator role to this new nation (los Bolivars) that I just created?
13-06-2007, 23:35
First, you should make such requests via the Getting Help page, not on the forums. We've got sticky threads about that. Despite that, I've restored you.

Second, class regions are special cases. When you're a class member, you're born directly into your region, and when restored, you're restored back to that same region. Sometimes all the pins don't line up, though, and you're in the region but not recognized by the game. I think that happened to you. I'm looking into it.

Third, when you died, Regional Controls were handed over to the Delegate. Make sure you take those back like the Educator instructions say you should. You might want to change your regional password, just in case.

Finally, no, we don't transfer regions to new nations. In class regions, it wouldn't even work. Sorry.