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World factbook...Increased.

10-06-2007, 04:34
The subject is for the world factbook.
Now, many of us have created our own regions for various reasons(Some were bored and wanted to make their own, or others wanted a Region for them and their friends.)

However, None the less those people use the factbook to describe the region, and make a image or story about it.
This is Encouraged because of creativity, in which, this 'Game' was created for.
Though the big problem is that the factbook cannot hold so much characters as a comment or a forum post.

In fact the world factbook can hold up to(about) 10 lines.
That maybe good enough for most people, but I(and probably others) like to be very detailed in the descriptions or our region, or nations in the region.
And 10 lines doesn't do those descriptions just.

All I am proposing, is that the world factbook, character limit, should be increased so that we can(in a very detailed manner) describe our region in a vast amount of words.
any other questions just post them.
10-06-2007, 04:52
Why not use NSWiki (