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Each Country Should

30-05-2007, 00:15
Each Country should get to be able to choose their capital city, national sport, Country Founder name, and a few more things
This would personalise the game alot more and give each country more history and make it more realistic for serious players.
It would also add another paragraph to each players page.

Please consider...
30-05-2007, 00:35
We've been asked this multiple times, and the answer will continue to be 'no'. If you really want to flesh out your nation, check out this third-party site. That's where most players seem to go.
30-05-2007, 05:44
Aaaaand what exactly prevents you from posting it in regional message boards/offsite forums/our forums...?

More user-editable fields for these sorts of things aren't really necessary. Those who care--serious, in your terms--can easily click the "Forums" link and post a factbook or some random stuff about their nation. People have been doing that for about four and a half years now quite happily. People who don't care... well, that's a few less fields they have to dump nonsense into.