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Suggestions for Improvement?

26-05-2007, 21:35
Just a couple of things I thought that, if feasible, might be helpful in "enhancing the NationStates experience."

Add an option to enable/disable e-mail notification for TGs and/or issues. As it stands, most NS users have probably supplied an e-mail address already, and if they keep getting e-mails about incoming TGs and issues, it would allow them to better budget their time, I suppose, on NS -- they could just login to their nation when they see an e-mail notification, and not increase server load (even if they individually don't count for much, might it add up?) when they don't.
Allow for some sort of increased TG inbox size or allow for some amount of archiving. I imagine a lot of players exchange important OOC or IC information with specific allies/enemies/whatever via TG (at least, I know I do), and the current 15-TG limit isn't really conducive to making sure that information is secure without resorting to such measures as PrntScrn or copy-pasting TGs into Notepad or Word documents. Those aren't a terrible inconvenience, I'll admit, but I think some sort of on-site archiving would be nice.

Hope these might work. Thanks for your time.
The Most Glorious Hack
27-05-2007, 05:02
E-mail notification for issues was one of the first features to die a horrible, painful death. The game is simply too large to e-mail a substantial portion of the user base twice a day. Likewise, adding for telegrams would just be a massacre for the servers. Way too intensive.

Telegram boxes used to be limited to 10. I believe not allowing more is also for server capacity concerns. Also, considering how easily you could manage telegrams on your own (notepad, a puppet you save telegrams to, etc), I don't see increasing the size of the box as being something high on the to-do list.
27-05-2007, 07:16
I see. I was sort of afraid that was going to be the answer, to be honest. I suppose those kinds of features would have been implemented already if it wasn't such a big load on the servers. Ah, well, thanks for giving me the heads-up.