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Would I get deleted??

Brutland and Norden
22-05-2007, 14:32

I am in the midst of change right now, and would like to ask a few questions:

I would soon get a new computer, and I intend to access my account from the new computer only (which means my accounts that had been accessed from one computer would soon be accessed in another one). Would my account get deleted if I do that?

Also, I live in two places, with different internet connections and I think two different IP addresses (I think... but I don't know much about them internet things). If I access my account from both of those connections (when I shuttle back and forth), would my account get deleted?

And lastly, this computer I am using (the old one) will be given to somebody else. I plan to introduce him to the game, and most likely he'll access his account from this computer that I used. Provided I don't use this computer anymore, would he get deleted?

Sorry for the trouble, but I am fairly *new* and paranoid.

Thanks and have a nice day!
Org of Australia
22-05-2007, 14:49
So long as you make sure you don't leave the account name and password on the old computer, you'll be good. The account is kept on the net, not your computer.
23-05-2007, 00:30
Make sure you had "Log in automatically" turned off. If you had autologin, log in one last time and turn it off, then save. Log off, and make sure it worked properly by surfing back to the main page.
Brutland and Norden
23-05-2007, 13:36
Thanks! :fluffle:

But I'm still concerned about being deleted for UN multiing... would I get deleted under the same circumstances if the nations involved were in the UN?

(I know I sound like a four-year-old that asks endless questions. I am really that paranoid.)
24-05-2007, 01:33
UN Nation A logs on to a computer (length of time irrelevant)
UN Nation A moves on

UN Nation B logs on to the same computer after Nation A is gone
No one ever logs on to UN Nation A on that computer again.

Result: no rules broken, no deletions.

People who play the invasion game do this all the time, though they resign their own nation and join again with another nation they own. It's entirely legal. As long as only ONE UN nation is using a computer at a time, we're fine.

Non_UN nations [C, D, E ... all the way thru Z] all log in to the same computer and are all owned by the same player. None of them is in the UN. Even if they once were but they resigned, it doesn't matter. No rules are being broken. You can have as many non-UN nations as you can manage (just don't come crying to us to restore them every month or two).
Crazy girl
24-05-2007, 08:03
*looks at her list of 200+ nations that are dead now*

Brutland and Norden
24-05-2007, 20:35
Thanks everybody! :fluffle:

(I would like to give everyone cookies, but cookies can't be sent via e-mail. :( )