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tax rate

03-05-2007, 00:33
i am sorry if this has already been adressed i did look and could find nothing on it.

my nations tax rate is 100% and i have passed law after law to lower it, but it never lowers. is this a glitch? or is it never going to change.. if there is anything i or you can do to help me it would be greatly apreceated. i have transistiond from a communist to capitalist nation and a tax rate of 100% just wont do. so please if there is anything i can do or if its a glitch any info would be greatly apreceated.

thank you so much for your time
03-05-2007, 01:55
It's been stated before that your maximum tax rate can exceed 100%. Possibly be several orders of magnitude, if your decision-answering so requires. Given that they can't actually take more than 100% of what your citizens earn, it's effectively the same thing. However, it might take quite a bit of legislative disassembly to get those greedy governmental bastards ... ahem ... "public servants" to actually allow your citizens access to their own funds.

Good luck with that. Here's some government cheese to nibble on while you legislate. No, go ahead. You've paid for it already.