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Inappropriate language filter

28-03-2007, 23:59
I keep trying to post this message in my region and it keeps blocking it because "Your message appears to contain inappropriate language." I can assure you it most definitely doesn't. Unless this thing filters things like 'Dick Cheney', 'aliens', or 'French government. It really was a good message, and now it's all gone.
Saturn Corp
29-03-2007, 00:56
I just tested, and apparently the filter DOES think the name of our Vice-Prez is a bad word. Maybe it's got a point. :D
29-03-2007, 02:01
Try Cheney alone, or Richard Cheney if you need to clarify.
29-03-2007, 16:22
I've found it also filters out 'damn', so you can't use the word 'damned', ie, "Well I'll be damned." in which case 'damn' is part of a word that isn't actually inappropriate.

Thee filter is kind of at times really retarded.
The Most Glorious Hack
30-03-2007, 05:45
"Darn" was invented for a reason...
30-03-2007, 12:50
I think it filtered "Dick" as it might reference that to a male reproductive organ commonly referred to as a dick, john thomas, one eyed trouser-snake, falus, shlong and many more, I might suggest trying those as I cannot be bothered.
30-03-2007, 14:25
I'm sure that's the rational. The problem is, automated filters like that are stupid. They filter words that are innocent, like our VP (well, his NAME is innocent anyway :) ), but I could think of 1,001 ways to get fowl language past any filter I've even seen. Just my 2 scents.
I V Stalin
30-03-2007, 14:53
but I could think of 1,001 ways to get fowl language past any filter I've even seen. Just my 2 scents.;)
30-03-2007, 19:39;)

Ack! I should have known my spelling was for the birds! :p
The Most Glorious Hack
31-03-2007, 05:39
Well, maybe if people could act their age and realise that naughty words really aren't that funny or impressive, we wouldn't need to take such actions. Sadly, they aren't and we do.