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Choice bugs

28-03-2007, 23:38
I had posted about this already and saw it appear here, but then the post disappeared, along with the problem, but now it's back. What happens, is that any choice I make, such as decide an issue or make a UN vote, may change. I have clicked on AGAINST on the current UN issue 3 times, because it keeps resetting to FOR. And when I check my nation description, it shows that my recent issue choice was something other than what I choose. For example, yesterday, I choose to ban elections rather than deal with corporate spending. Today, however, I found on my nation description the following: "...corporations donate huge sums of money to favored politicians...". Any thing I can do? It's really messing up my nation, making me take policies I am completely against.

Update: It just happened again. The two issues I choose actions on reverted to un-addressed. And all I did was hit refresh.
28-03-2007, 23:47
If your running a web accellerator disable it for

If thats not what's causing it then I have no clue.
28-03-2007, 23:50
You're almost certainly using web accelerator software from your ISP, which caches your previous choices. Disable it for

As for not seeing old threads, go to the top of the page and click UserCP, and find the option for Show All Threads. There's also a drop list at the bottom of the page for temporary settings.