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Unable to join the United Nations...

23-03-2007, 23:13
I am unable to join the UN. I applied to join, and they accepted me. However, I went to the UN section and it said that I was not a member of the UN. So I applied again. It said that they received the application. A day later, I get a telegram saying I've been accepted into the UN (again). However, I go to the UN page and it says I'm not a member of the United Nations.

So... What's going on?
24-03-2007, 00:30
If you're talking about your other nation (the one in region Democracy), it's already a UN member.

If you're talking about this nation, it's not a UN member ... and since you're only allowed one UN nation, shouldn't be.

As for the visibility of your UN membership badge, perhaps you're using a web accelerator and you're viewing an old cached image of your page. We'd need more information if you still have questions.