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Founder long dead

19-03-2007, 16:05
In my region the founder came, founded the region, got inactive almost immediately and then got deleted. My idea is that in such cases, if the founder has been deleted for over a year or two, that the nation who's been in the region longest gets shown as founder, for more security.
19-03-2007, 16:36
Regions with dead founders are an essential part of the invasion game. If we systematically remove those, we kill a big part of that game. We have to balance the needs and desires of all players.

It's legal to refound the region now, either by cooperation (everyone moves to a temp region) or by coercion (long-term delegate kicks everyone out), or in combination. You can then refound the empty region with an active player. So if you want to have a founder, that's the way to do it.
Angels World
19-03-2007, 23:13
So if the founder nation dies from inactivity, and everyone in the region leaves, isn't the region automatically deleted because 0 nations live there? Or if the region isn't deleted, does the first nation that enters the empty region have access to regional controls?
19-03-2007, 23:51
If a region is empty, it's deleted on the next update. A nation can move in before then, but it's just another nation with no access to the controls.
20-03-2007, 01:45
A wise Delegate would have password-protected the region early in the refounding to prevent stray nations from entering.

Yes, the region disappears at update.

First nation to remake the recently deleted region becomes the new Founder. Prior history is irrelevant. First come, first served.

And no, we won't tell you when update hits that region, because we don't know either. Play with it.
Angels World
21-03-2007, 06:08
Thank you.

I have another question if you don't mind.

A couple of days ago, I submitted a new issue, and I have been waiting to see if it was excepted. But someone told me that no one is officially in charge of the new issues that are submitted, and I was wondering if people are allowed to apply for the position?
The Most Glorious Hack
21-03-2007, 06:46
Only Game Moderators can process issues, so... no. You can't really apply.