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No Email Verification

21-02-2007, 16:51
I created a this nation (, and I haven't received the email verification.

Is this a recent issue on the jolt or NS side, or could it just be my email address that's gone wonky?
21-02-2007, 23:37
We're getting multiple such comments on Hotmail accounts. I suspect they've 'improved' their spam filtering again. Try a different address.
21-02-2007, 23:39
Alright. Thanks, Fris.

Will the email verification be sent automatically or do I need to ask for one to be sent?
21-02-2007, 23:44
Changing your email auto-generates a new verification request, I believe.

Also, remember that game problems (and yes, this is a game problem) should be reported via Getting Help. The forums are really for forum moderation issues.