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Issues per day

16-02-2007, 12:28
I was setted to get 2 new issues per day, but i only get 1
I waited a couple of days, but the bug go on...

So, what's happening?
The Most Glorious Hack
16-02-2007, 13:35
Looks okay to me. Issues don't arrive at the same time; rather, they arrive 12 hours apart.
16-02-2007, 16:22
Yeah, im ok with that.

but the 2nd issue never come, thats my point
The Most Glorious Hack
17-02-2007, 05:59
When I checked your nation this morning, you had answered two questions and had one waiting to be answered. As a 7 million nation, it's perfectly reasonable that you would have only had 3 new issues. Checking you now, you've answered 3 issues (0, 8, 15), and have one waiting to be answered (10). Here's your breakdown:

Day One: You're created and get issue 0, just like everyone else. Sadly, you missed both updates that day, and don't get any others; population at 5 million.

Day Two: Issue 0 processed ("elections have been outlawed"), issue 8 recieved; population increased to 6 million.

Later on Day Two: Issue 8 processed ("citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked") and issue 15 delivered.

Day Three (when I responded): Issue 15 resolved ("thieves are flogged in public for their crimes"). Issue 10 delivered; population increased to 7 million.

Later Day Three (Now): Issue 10 hasn't resolved yet. When the next update swings through, your choice (option 1) will be processed and you'll get your next issue as well as your next population bump.

It's just a matter of timing. You're getting your issues.