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"Civil Headquarters" Layout

21-01-2007, 01:48
The "Civil Headquarters" is the section of every region page where Nations can lodge messages to their regional members.
Has anyone else noticed the inconvenience that there are no scrolls on the blog? You can only see the last 10 blogs.
Only the founder can view all blogs. We always have very interesting conversations on N.S, but if you aren't online at the time of the post, you miss the debate.
A number of other nations have mentioned how much better the site would be if it had scrolls on the message board.

Does anyone know where/who I can make this suggestion to?
21-01-2007, 02:05
I'm sorry to inform you that the founder can't read all the posts. Noone can. As soon as the 11th post is posted, the first one is lost forever.
21-01-2007, 03:13
It would be nice to have posts that don't disappear before you can read it, but I doubt that it will ever happen because of storage limits. For long-term posting, you need to set up an offsite forum.
The Asp Meridian
21-01-2007, 03:26
If the posts didn't dissapear, then your region's forum would be over a mile long and you'd get arthritis trying to get to the bottom of the page.