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Wierd, serious bug?

31-12-2006, 15:01
I just went in to check how my nation was doing, but strangely enough I was already logged in (I'm usually logged out). I wasn't just logged in, I was logged in on someone else's account (The Democratic Republic of Uklervia).
Of course I logged out and logged in back to my own nation.
Nobody else have been using this computer since I last logged in, so I wonder how I suddenly was logged in as some other nation.
Almighty America
01-01-2007, 08:07
You have auto-login enabled. If you want to disable it (a good idea if you log into your nation on computers you don't own), go to Settings and disable auto-login.
01-01-2007, 12:48
The thing is, well, autologin doesn't seem to work on my computer, which I am the only one to use. It worked yesterday though, but then I got logged in on another account than mine.
I do know nobody else had touched the computer as I didn't leave it.
01-01-2007, 21:24
We get occasional reports of this, but it rarely if ever repeats. We can't find anything in the code that would cause such a thing, and in fact have removed several security issues that permitted that behavior in the past.

If it happens again (to you or anyone), by all means report it. You can do so publically or via Getting Help. We've never had enough data to track it down, so anything would help.

Thanks for letting us know.
Angels World
02-01-2007, 00:18
What a weird bug. Thank goodness I've been fortunate enough not to have experienced anything like that so far.