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General Help, I suppose.

Heidi Christine
22-12-2006, 22:40
Ok I have my new nation. I have dealt with some issues etc. What do we do now? How can I find out how my little natioon compares to others. etc.

Thanks in advance.
23-12-2006, 02:37
There are number of ways...

Keep a note of the UN reports and there are about 99 thousand nations in the world and however many nations in your region. Every day the UN gives you a ranking the world and the region you are in. The rankings are done in radomly choosen areas... Things range from nudity, safety, unemployment, etc...

However, there are also things like NSEconomy ( ) that can also give you a view of how your nations relates to other nations in your region for various calculated national stats. However it seems that your region is quite large and NSeconomy cannot deal with that... however NSTracker ( can but does not have as useful data
23-12-2006, 04:05
Lots of other suggestions can be found on NSwiki (