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Image problems

17-12-2006, 01:29
Ok, so I was working on my Star Forge Naval Store Front version 4.0 ( for the last two or so days when I noticed a rather odd quirk. Now if memory serves me right, there should be a maximum of 10 pics allowed in a post correct?

Now, I've noticed something odd.

Taking that post into account, I've noticed that as I went along afterwards adding on the DPR's and pics for various ships and what not, a rather unusual quirk happened in the two following posts:
(see A9-Vigilance)

(see Assassin Class Corvette)

Given the fact I've only encountered this problem when I've put up more than ten pics in a post, I was naturally confused and thought I had put up more than 10 pics for the first post (aka: the A9-Vigilance). However, it twas not so. I only had 9 pics up (8 working), and then in the second post (the Assassin Class Corvette) I had three pics up (2 working).

Is there something wrong with my jolt account?
Is this a part of the Mod-bug problem?
Or is it a new bug all together for us unfortunate store front owners?

If someone can provide information, thanks.

(It's the Star Forge Store Front two year anniversery coming up in a few weeks too!)
The Most Glorious Hack
17-12-2006, 02:26
It might have to do with the insane number of links in every post, or the fact that the length of the URLs to your photobucket are equally insane.

I don't have a solid idea why, but since they're copyrighted images that you've... borrowed... it may just be best to cut your losses and skip those unworking images.