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Idea for improvment;Add a feature to the world page

29-11-2006, 00:55
I apologize if this has already been posted as an idea. I realize that it is almost impossible that this has not been mentioned. I would take the time to view all post to see if it had but it seems that there is a database error with jolt right now. So please add this to the post that already exists, if indeed it does.

Circumstance: I was looking to find a little more information about the patterns and rational behind the ranking of nations in the various ranking listings per day. It is easy enough to find out my own ranking, but if I would like to find out the national information of similarly ranked nations and the way in which they govern, this becomes very difficult. I find myself sifting through the listings, page by page, until I get to my own. On the average I am ranked somewhere in the 30,000's, well I timed it and to get to the nations ranked as I am as fast I can, it takes three hours. I have no idea as to weather this system of thinking will ever yield data that will be beneficial because it is vastly to expensive in time to pursue regularly, or at all.

Idea: I have noticed that each page has ten nations on it, thus logically if I where to be ranked at 30,000, the page I am on is 3000. But knowing what page I am on only barely helps speed the process. If there where some kind of "goto page #" command of some kind that a person could type the page they wished to view, I could achieve my system of thinking nearly time expense free and I would not dwell on whether it would have yielded any value at all.

Also as of this time I would like to question exactly why nation states even has a hugely cumbersome listing of all nations and their rankings respective to each other, if the method to view pages is to terrible. Perhaps I am missing something in all of this and you could direct me to a solution that is even better for both parties.

Thank you for your time in reading this.
29-11-2006, 21:42
There is.

Control- (command-) click on the world link to open it in a new window. The sidebar will disappear, and instead of the address bar shall read ("12895" can be replaced with any five-digit number, that was just the one I got). Then type in /start=30000 after the URL, and you will get page 3001. (For page 3000 type in /start=29990, etc.)
30-11-2006, 03:53
Thank you Sir Mauvasia, your reply has provided me with ample information to solve the buck of my problem. I hope for the sake of others that this post is kept to prevent repeats of this problem. Neither I nor my friends will have any such problem however. I am of the practice of cataloging any various loose pieces of helpful information on the forum into a message that I send to my friends biweekly. I shall fully utilize this information for the information gathering that I have desired to achieve for so long. This process has been most helpful.