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Password Recovery

27-11-2006, 17:51
Hey, I have played Nationstates for over 1 year now together with my friend 'Gremanien', but now he has forgotten his password.

He is really depressed about it (NationStates is the most important game for him rigth after World of Warcraft).

I have in NationStates seen NO way of password recovery so I thougth that the forum migth be a good place to start.

Anyway, if any Game admin or someone who can sent him his passwords/a new password please do it to either (My email)
or (His email)

Hope you can help us

27-11-2006, 18:28

It's right on the login page under [Forgotten your password? (]. Being as that's the logical place to look for such a thing, it's not that hard to find.
28-11-2006, 17:24
Sorry that i didn't mention, but we have tried it, but he hasn't received anything! Seems he is a little bit afraid of Virus of the time he registred and has never typed in his password then he registred for NationStates.:(
28-11-2006, 19:06
His registered account is on Hotmail. I beleive they have a fairly strong spam filter. He should probably look in his spam folder.

As to not having typed his password in a year, that's irrelevant. The Lost Password link generates a random password, which he can change once he gets back in. If you haven't gotten an email within 24 hours, try again ... ONCE. Repeated clicks on Lost Password will just confuse things.
28-11-2006, 21:31
Sorry, didn't mean password in last message ment e-mail
(Wtf is happening for me :headbang: )

Anyway, i will suggest him checking his spam.