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26-11-2006, 00:48
Is it possible, just maybe, for someone to stop this? Every time I get a telegram, and don't delete it immediately, it continues to show up as "You have ONE Telegram!". I read the stupid message, don't tell me its there. Suppose anyone could make it so it only did it for new telegrams? Cuz there may be telegrams I want to save for later reference, i.e., invitations to regions, messages from member nations, etc. Just a question.
26-11-2006, 02:27
Recoding it isn't likely as simple as it sounds. The way it's likely set up now is something like:



Telegram is in box


Display message



To make it only display the message on new ones they'd have to create a new variable, and a scan function. They'd have to scan for the player to read the message, then have the variable change when they do. Then they'd have to test it online to be sure it works and if there's a bug it gets worse.
26-11-2006, 03:09
If you read it, you know what it is and don't need to check again.

Thank heavens there's so little wrong that you can get irritated about something as minor as this!
26-11-2006, 03:48
If you need to save your telegrams for later reference, you can copy & paste the info to a Notepad file. You'll probably have to do that anyway, since the system only stores 15 telegrams. If you get more than that, it deletes the oldest ones.
26-11-2006, 04:07
Thanks to those who took the time to reply. It's appreciated.

However, I fancy myself as an amateur coder, and know it wouldn't be too incredibly hard to program it and test it. I wish I had the skill to actually volunteer services, but I don't. I'm sure though, that there would be people willing to help to make something they enjoy better.

And yes, I am thankful that there is so little wrong that I'm irritated over something so trivial. But its the trivial that make something so wonderful, isn't it? Paying attention to something so small, so minor, shows true thought and interest when making something. But when something so small bugs you repeatedly, it ruins the game for you. Not that I'm condemning the creators, oh no. I truly enjoy this game. It was just a question, a simple request.

Oh, and I've already saved a few telegrams on my computer as .txt documents, but an in-game message is a bit more easy to remember than a text document in the hard drive.

Again, thanks.
26-11-2006, 04:12
Well when coding, you have to consider more than just the coding itself. Like possible bugs and testing. The latter 2 are a much greater pain with online stuff.
26-11-2006, 04:29
It was just a suggestion. I was trying to make the game a little better through something small; if the people in charge dont do it, I'm not going to have a heart attack and die. I know the coding would be hard to do, but maybe someone wouldve been willing to do it. Thats all I was hoping for.
The Most Glorious Hack
26-11-2006, 05:57
However, I fancy myself as an amateur coder, and know it wouldn't be too incredibly hard to program it and test it.Pardon me as I laugh uproariously in your face. Nothing personal, but "it wouldn't be too incredibly hard" is frequently said by people that have no clue about what the code for games such as this is actually like.

Ya know, I fancy myself an amateur baseball player, and know it wouldn't be too incredibly hard to swing a stick and hit a ball.

Web-based games such as NS are created piecemail; a little bit at a time. Those bits are changed and modified on an ad hoc basis to change what needs to be changed. Little bits are slapped on to plug holes, and they slowly evolve over time. At this stage, any change is a major job. Altering any one piece can easily affect something completely unrelated, by the very nature of its piecemail construction.