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UN Forum is broken

16-11-2006, 20:06
I apologise if you are already aware of this, but the UN forum is not working. There is still access to every other forum. If you try to get to the UN forum, you get a database error.

I figured I'd let people know to save them the aggravation.
16-11-2006, 20:20
I'm aware of it and trying to bring it to Jolt's attention.
16-11-2006, 20:27
If any NS mods are on IRC right now, try the following:
If you have lost your welcome email or unable to login to webadmin, firstly please insure you are entering the details exactly as described in the email.
Failing that please pop into #jolt on IRC Quaknet. You will need an IRC client like to gain access.

Once in IRC please ask your question in the channel stating clearly what the problem is and that you are having problems accessing the support areas.
Please be patient as we do not do support via IRC and our staff might be busy, staff will then check your access for you and make sure you can get into the support areas.

All support is handled on a priority ticket based system, unless there's a good reason you will be asked to log into webadmin to ensure priority support is given to those who need it.
I think we've got a corrupted database table in the UN forum, Hopefully they can run a repair routine and get it working again.
16-11-2006, 20:51
FYI, the corrupted thread is
17-11-2006, 03:35
Jolt admins have been made aware of this problem. However, the only ones who can actually fix it (maybe) are sound asleep. Perhaps they'll fix it in the (UK) morning.
The Most Glorious Hack
17-11-2006, 04:50
That's the bad thread allright. Tried doing it through the CP, but there's no remote delete by thread number. Sigh. We really need our own admin.

Anyway, there's about 4 or 5 threads that are "above" the bad thread that you can access. As a temporary work-around, you can click into the Stranger's Bar thread (linked from the index) and use "Previous Thread" to work your way back. The at vote Proposal is accessable that way.

As is the Silly Proposals thread, for what it's worth.
Steel Butterfly
17-11-2006, 09:45
I apologise if you are already aware of this, but the UN forum is not working.

haha...oddly symbolic of real life...
17-11-2006, 18:18
I have a small problem. I keep getting "server database error" messages from jolt when i have tried to access the UN forum all day. I was wondering if this might be a problem of cookie corruption on my machine, or a problem that jolt has been having itself.

The strange thing is that i can access the UN forum by going through my subscribed threads but I cannot access the forum generally.
17-11-2006, 18:27
They know (
17-11-2006, 18:27
Nope I don't think it's your computer. I'm having the same problem you are.
18-11-2006, 02:58

Jolt admins tracked down the problem thread / post, and the UN forum is once again open for business.

Pointless and pedantic arguments may resume at once.
Drae Nei
18-11-2006, 03:07
Originally posted by Frisbeeteria:

Pointless and pedantic arguments may resume at once.

Why thank you Fris! Umm, er...nvm...<wry grin>
18-11-2006, 04:34
Hooray! I think. ;)
18-11-2006, 06:01
:D Yay, the Boshevikzombie, that would be me, can go back to working for the peoples of Ellelt!!!:cool: