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Keep having to log in

Ultraviolent Radiation
15-11-2006, 23:01
This might be a problem unrelated to jolt, but I keep having to log in. While I am having trouble with my internet, I can't why that should mean I have to keep logging in - I assume there's no "delete cookies when internet signal is lost" function. Has something changed at jolt that could cause that?
15-11-2006, 23:16
I'm guessing you just don't hit the "Remember Me" button when you log in, meaning that after 30 minutes or so you're automatically logged out, or after an extended period of inactivity (i.e. reading a thread or writing a long reply).
16-11-2006, 00:07
More likely is that you're using the Forums link from the game page to log in. It's been borked for a while. Log in to the forums directly and bookmark Works much better than our sad little forum link.