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12-11-2006, 17:41
The main site uses frames with the menu on the left. The problem is that when you select some links from the main frame on the right, they display full screen and you lose the frames and least they do with my browser, IE7. It is very annoying to have to hit the back button a bunch of times to get the havigation frame back.
12-11-2006, 23:18
Here's what you do. Get a better browser (
12-11-2006, 23:26
Browser wars are so boring.:rolleyes:
The Most Glorious Hack
13-11-2006, 06:13

Ahem. It's not the browser, that will happen with Firefox, too. It's a matter of the session timing out. If you leave the nation page for 15 minutes or so, it logs you out, and you get the full screen. If you have autologin turned on, force a refresh to get the frames back.

If you aren't timing out, tell us what links are giving you the full screen. I've used NS in IE7, and I've never had this particular problem.
13-11-2006, 06:27
Thank you for that answer. I will make a note of any I find. I should have thought of the possibility of a session time out, but I think I've encountered others. If I find them, I'll identify them and maybe quote the code snippet involved.;)