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multiple U.N. nations

Nekan empire
10-11-2006, 18:17
I propose that we should be ALLOWED to have more than one u.n. nation, BUT just not be allowed to endorse yourself, this way, if you want to go on a raid, with two different areas, you can, and STILL stand a chance, but using more than one U.N. nation to fight ONE enemy would be against the rules, you could use one nation to fight for one cause. why should one person be limited to one U.N. nation? I understand endorsing yourself is against the rules, but i don't see whats wrong with having more than one U.N. nation, as long as you obey other rules.
10-11-2006, 18:20

That's not how this game was set up. One player has one voice, and may use one UN nation to express that voice. If that makes it inconvenient for your raiding fun, tough.

No. Hell, no.