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Error when trying to change settings

04-11-2006, 18:46
Hi, I'm trying to change my number of New issues each day to 2, but whenever I try it says 'This request failed a security check. Please try again.'.
What more can I say? Well, I've tried again, and again.
04-11-2006, 19:18
You've moved from one nation to another, but the frameset on your browser hasn't caught up. Thus, the Settings button you click thinks it's on NationA, but you're trying to work on NationB.

<Crtl-F5> on most Windows browsers will refresh the frameset.
04-11-2006, 19:19
I believe failing security checks usually happens when you've been logged out. Or when you've been logging into multiple nations and the game thinks you're logged into a different one. Have you tried it immediately upon logging in to your nation?