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Category and issue modifiers

20-06-2006, 16:20
I'd quite like to have a variety of nations each of a different type. From other forums/threads I have picked up the various types you can have, but I am still curious about a couple of things:

1) In the initial setup of a nation, what settings relate to what nation type (i.e. political, civil, economy, UN category. This would help me to set up nations of each type.

2) I've seen the listing of all issues, but I'd also like to see how each response to each issue affects your nation. This would help me keep nations in the right brackets.

Or is all this info classified?

Any help appreciated.

If this is not the right forum, I apologise in advance.
20-06-2006, 20:45
For number 1, check out the gameplay stickies. Some of them talk about the various settings on your nation. For number 2, that's basically classified. You can make guesses based off the choices and subsequent descriptions, but noone will verify what each issue and choice will do to your nation.
21-06-2006, 11:19
For #1 I found what I was looking for in the stickies and Wiki eventually. Nice and thorough.

On #2 - no probs. I understand completely. Thanks for the response.