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Can't log in

18-06-2006, 14:54
Right, I have my nation set onto auto-login, I was online this morning, went outside about an hour ago, I just came back typed in and when it loaded I wasn't logged in, strange I though because I usually am logged in, then when I tried to login it said "your ip adress has recorded several failed login attempts in a short time. Now this is getting strange, because nobody but me has used my computer, and I have auto-login, so I never have to type my password in. Somebody have any idea what's happened?
18-06-2006, 20:59
Your ISP probably uses a cache for internet access. Some other NS player on that same ISP forgot his password and blocked access to that cache IP address. It happens, and it goes away. Don't worry about it.

I checked your nation. Nobody attempted to access it in any way.