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Influence Estimator Bug?

Such Sweetness
15-06-2006, 19:57
I've ejected so many nations that now when I want to eject more I have to manually type the names in instead of being able to pull them up on the menu. When I do that though, t won't give me an estimate on how much influence it will use up.
15-06-2006, 21:14
It has nothing do with how many nations you've ejected. The text field comes up when the region contains 100 nations. I believe you can still get an estimate in the usual way.
Such Sweetness
16-06-2006, 00:03
The inflence estimation capability stopped as soon as I had to start manually typing names in. I can't get influence estimates on ejections and bannings any more.
Evil and all bad doing
16-06-2006, 22:46
the same happened to me the day i took over the delegacy of east asian dominion.

I had to take risks on how much influence it would take
Such Sweetness
17-06-2006, 17:04
Can you fix it? :)
Such Sweetness
22-07-2006, 18:42
26-07-2006, 01:48
Yay for Pythagosaurus, he's fixed it! :fluffle: