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15-06-2006, 15:32
I don't know if it's been mentioned before or not. I've looked for a topic on/suggesting it, but to no avail thus far, so I'm making a suggestion.

I think that there should be an art section, so to say, added to the forums.
In said there could be such sections as flag making and whatnot. I've noticed a number of nations using default flags, and I've offered my services to a few in making flags for them, and they are quite appreciative of it. There could also be Nationstates related art. Perhaps some people have made doodles, or even really good art, pertaining to Nationstates. Or perhaps they just would if such a section were available. I've actually made a few drawings of my own after having read some of Jennifer Government. People may make banners, etc. of wars and the like It could actually be pretty decent with a few good mods making sure it's kept neat and tidy and all.

I apologize if this is in the wrong area or something. I read all the rules, FAQ, and whatnot, and saw nothing wrong with this being here, but just in case, sorry if it's not in the right area.
Emperor Matthuis
15-06-2006, 18:07
In my view there just isn't enough activity to justify it. Also some regions have there own flagmakers.
16-06-2006, 00:30
Even if we were adding new forums (we're not), there is definitely not enough demand to justify an Art forum.

Mapmaking and flagmaking are both legitimate forms of Gameplay, and may be discussed freely in the Gameplay forum. You may also want to look at NSwiki and other offsite resources.
16-06-2006, 05:44
The many UN card decks could probably benefit from a bit of artistry, too. Not that I'm criticising the existing brilliant, superb and inspired contributions ...*

*EDIT: ... to which I was going to provide a link, but I haven't favouritised it, the search function doesn't work on the UN forum and I've gone cross-eyed after a mere 10 pages. Could someone with more foresight please post a link? TIA.