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search UN resolutions

15-06-2006, 13:32
We currently have a function to search UN proposals but none to search UN resolutions even though there are a far greater amount of them. I think we should have this kind of function because most people can't remember all the 162 resolutions so if they want to make something on lets say prostitution then they have to look through everything to find if there is already something on that. it would be so simple if they just searched a few key words then figured out that there is something that covers it all ready. But otherwise they spend there time on it make one only to find it was a waste.
St Edmundan Antarctic
15-06-2006, 19:16
There's also a thread for them in the UN forum: This has a full list at the start, saying which of its pages each resolution's details are on, although it's not quite fully up to date...
15-06-2006, 22:08
There's also the UN Timeline ( on the NSwiki which even encompasses resolutions that failed.