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Nation Creation temporarily disabled

Dun Eideann 2
13-06-2006, 14:49
What does this mean?

When will it be repaired?

Things like this really hurt Regions which depend upon the feeders for recruiting. Things are tough enough already to gather nations.
13-06-2006, 16:42
It means the admins are doing something, it will be restored when they're finished.
Dun Eideann 2
13-06-2006, 19:13
Very incisive Reply. Thank You!

Now, any idea when this will happen?

When will it be back on line?
13-06-2006, 21:49
What are the "feeder regions"? Does that mean the Pacific regions?
Dun Eideann 2
13-06-2006, 22:14
The Feeder Regions are the Pacific's:

The Pacific, The East Pacific, The West Pacific, The North Pacific -and- The South Pacific.

When nations are created they are placed (FED) in one of these regions, which is the reason they are called Feeders.

Recruiting is allowed in these regions. ALL other "founded" (have a founder) regions are off limits unless specific permission is granted. This must be posted in The World Fact book Entry of that region.

Two other regions allow recruiting The Rejected Realms and Lazarus.

So presently no new nations are entering nations states, while the Nation Creation is temporarily disabled.

Once it is repaired many nations I feel will enter and they will be denied the opportunity to be recruited to Founded Regions.

During the time it is down potential nations are being turned away, overall hurting N/S in the growth.

Any one! Any Idea when it will be functional again?
13-06-2006, 23:43
Nation creation is on again for now.
American Border Collie
14-06-2006, 12:49
If you are saying that Nation Creation is going to be offline again sometime in the near future, or that repairs still need to be made, could it be possible that we receive warning next time?