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10-06-2006, 15:49
The following is a proposal for a new feature to be added to NationStates gameplay. Comments would be loved.

I think that regions should have two options: keep the standard endorsement=>delegate system, or have a democratic system which goes as follows:

0. Each nation in a region can vote to decide whether they want to have the standard (current) system or my newer one. If they decide to have the newer one then the following occurs.

1. A new nation is created, which is not a nation as such but just a voting power for the whole region. As such it does not get issues, telegrams etc.

2. This pseudonation then automatically gets an endorsement from each nation.

3. Control of this nation is passed automatically (starting with the oldest nations in the region) from nation to nation, each for a length of a few days (possibly voted on, or decided by the region's founder). While a nation holds the delegacy, they can (as the pseudonation nation) vote on UN resolutions etc. as though they are a normally voted delegate (who has been a delegate for the length of time that the system has been active).

4. Democracy ensues.

10-06-2006, 16:40
Democracy ensues when each player in the region uses his one-and-only UN nation to endorse a candidate for delegate. The nation with the most votes (endorsements) wins. Seems fairly democratic to me.

Your system rewards the player who creates the most (and oldest) puppet nations, as it appears to make no provision for UN membership. Under your system, a single player could be represented in UN votings by hundreds of votes. Explain to me how that is democratic.
10-06-2006, 17:29
If you want such a democratic setup, why not just do it yourself? Set up a foundered region, make a puppet nation and set it on vacation mode so it gets no issues, and have everyone endorse it to make it delegate. Then vote somewhere on what you want to do, and whoever is controlling the nation makes the decisions as decided by the region.