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More Country Info

07-06-2006, 00:18
I think there should be more detialed info about one's country like Religion % racial % and other stuff like that...
Timon of Athens
07-06-2006, 01:14
I think that's for NS2.

I know that there have been several attempts to get language/religion/capital/leader input fields, always, of course, unsuccessfully.

I forget the reasons, but I know that Sal always gave some and I always accepted them.

I would then bring it up or second it again frequently, and without feelings of guilt, indicating that the he gave was probably along the lines "no for the forseeable future, but maybe not forever."

That said, I can't recall why not, aside from that it would detract from NS2.
St Edmund
07-06-2006, 10:30
You could always write-up that sort of information as part of an NSwiki article about your nation, and include a link to that page in your sig as I've done (click on the word "more" if you want to see it...).