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Free Mercantile States
06-06-2006, 18:10
My area scores are as follows: Civil Rights - Superb; Econ - All-Consuming; Political Freedoms - Good. Yet my heading says 'Left-Leaning College State'. When I had the same distribution of descriptors about a week ago, I was a 'Capitalizt', and as far as I am aware that is the correct heading for Strong Civil Rights, Strong Economy, Moderate Political Freedoms. And even if that was changed, Left-Leaning College State seems completely off-base in any case. What's going on?
Emperor Matthuis
06-06-2006, 18:15
This may help.
Eastern Baltia
06-06-2006, 18:16
I think that depends on how much you are spending to social equality, and social welfare.
Timon of Athens
06-06-2006, 20:31
FMS: The thing that changed between "Capitalizt" and "Left-leaning college state" was your economic liberty.

Economic liberty changes quicker than economy, and as a result the two are often not linked. You'll find imploded anarchies all the time, and, less commonly powerhouse LWUs and such..

Likewise, occasionally the civil rights and positive liberty will be slightly disconnected, but this is much less common. I think I've seen maybe two cases of it, and they were like a point or two off. Might also have been just a game glitch.

Dischord between political freedom and negative liberty is, so far as I'm aware, effectively non-existant.

Hope this Hellps,
Sorry, with all the 6/6/06 stuff couldn't Hellp it.
Free Mercantile States
06-06-2006, 21:43
I'm still a bit confused. What is the difference between economy and economic liberty? Doesn't the one follow from the other? Where is economic liberty displayed, why isn't it (and the other two corollaries you mentioned) displayed on the main page, and under what circumstances (in an issue) can I choose to boost the economy without also choosing to allow more freedom for economic entities? I haven't seen any issue with an option like that; I'm not even certain I know what it would look like.
06-06-2006, 22:08
Economy liberation can be divided in many parts: workers' rights, taxes and tariffs. If the first two are liberalised, the economy will probably grow. But if tariffs (taxes on imports) are too low, the companies will leave the country and the economy will collapse.

Another point is who are you selling goods. If you are not allowed to export and the average income is too low, you won't be abled to sell what you produce, no matter how cheap it is.
Timon of Athens
06-06-2006, 22:18
Economy takes a long time to change in NS.

Once you've gotten past a few hundered million, it's virtually impossible to get your economy up from imploded, for example.

Economic liberty, however can change easily by legislation.

Think of it this way. Taiwan's had a change of government to a much more regulatory coalition. Taiwan already had a strong economy, and even with the new regulations it's not affecting it much.

For an opposite example you have Afghanistan, where the Taliban destroyed virtually all infrastructure. Even though there's much more economic freedom in Afghanistan than there was, and the country's begining to see some slow progress, it'll be a long time before it's reformed.

And, of course, in the game, everything's simplied. Realistically, how a developing country's economy does has a lot to do with the level of corruption, which isn't a bar in NS.

And the economies of countries with economic growth have population leveling, which Max would be lynched if he tried to instate.

As for the game variables. . .

There's no bar for economic liberty, it's a hidden, seperate variable. [violet] once implied that there are seperate variables for the nation type and rating in all of them, but that the PC and CR ones are virtually identical. As I've said, I think I may have seen some slight differences in th CR before, unless I'm misremembering or a bug.

You see it a lot more with economy.

This any better?