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Lost posts in threads in the Nation States Forum

03-06-2006, 16:52
I have a small problem. Last night sometime after 1 a.m. CST I made a post in each of these threads.

Yes I double checked to make sure the post actually was inplace on the thread.

However those posts are now gone.

Beter Red than Dead (

and Kiss of Blood (

The only unusual thing I remember was that the pages had been loading a little slowly since around midnight.

Was there a data base problem?

Edited to add - my apologies , this seems to be a problems with my computer, the cache or something as after a second time of employing the 'refresh' button the posts appeared on the main page but not in the threads themselves - but another refresh had them appearing.

Please feel free to delete this and once again I apologise for troubleing our hard working staff.