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One issue per day

Unholy Stonicus
25-05-2006, 21:11
I have my settings on "Two issues per day", and it worked fine, but for the past few days, I am only getting 1 issue per day. Is this a known bug, or something I am doing wrong?
25-05-2006, 21:34
Are you perhaps checking more frequently? The issues (when set at 2 a day) come once every approximately 12 hours. If you only login once a day, you'll see the 2, but if you login a bit more, you might see them one at a time.
Unholy Stonicus
25-05-2006, 21:37
When I woke up Tuesday morning, I had one outstanding issue. Since then, I've only received 2 more issues. I should have gotten another tuesday night, 2 on wednesday, and at least 1 today so far, that'd be 4. I've only gotten 2 more since Tuesday morning (one wed morning, and one this morning).