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Expiry for Proposals

25-05-2006, 15:35
Do proposals currently have an expiry date? After so much time in the proposal phase without enough endorsement, the proposal is scrapped?

Either that or use the same format as Resolution (ie For/Against) but open to UN delegates (I am not a delegate BTW).

If 6% quorum vote AGAINST then the proposal is scrapped. If FOR then it goes to the general conference for resolution.

25-05-2006, 15:39
Yes, if you look at the bottom of a proposal, it says "Voting ends on (date)". If the proposal has not reached quorum by the specified date, then is is removed from the proposals list.
25-05-2006, 16:07
:headbang: NewB like me needs to look before he writes...:rolleyes: Sorry for the trouble!
26-05-2006, 06:05
No trouble at all.