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World Factbook entry: Colour and Text alterations

23-05-2006, 13:35
Okay to some of you or perhaps many of you this will seem like a stupid question but its been bugging me for a while now...

How do you get text in your World Factbook entry to go bold,italics or underlined and have colour? I've seen this in many regions but I can't workout how you do it can somebody fill me in?
The Phoenix Milita
23-05-2006, 13:54
you can use Forum codes on factbooks
words in ur factbook go here [/color*]

just remove the * and u get

[color=red] words in ur factbook go here
23-05-2006, 14:28
bold word
italicized word
underlined word
purple word
[hr] inserts line across page
Jolt thread
23-05-2006, 16:13
Thank You. Much appreciated.
24-05-2006, 13:49
Yeah, you'll notice that when you format the text on this forum, coding appears around the word(s) you have formatted before you submit the post. If you're unsire of how to write something, just try writing it out as a reply here, and it'll give you the code.