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allies enamys and war

Helgan ii of germany
22-05-2006, 22:17
I have been wondering for awhile. Ive noticed on the forum that certain states go to war with eachother. But i for one have no idea on how to declare war on a state. since i know no one on nation states. Do i send telegrams propossing alliances and declaring wars? or is it random?
22-05-2006, 22:30
First: Welcome to NationStates
Second: Lets get down to business. The main ways to delcare war are talking with nations in various manners (ie. Telegrams, MSN, AIM, Yahoo) and come up with a reason for a war. Although you can just randomly declare war upon someone, but this will most likely get you ignored by the other person. For the Alliances and Enemies thing, there are threads in the International Incidents section for different Alliances. When it comes to Enemies, thats just something that occurs during FreeForm Rollplay.

Also, to figure out your military, I suggest using a GDP Calculator. People could help you find URL's to the various ones. The ones though that i use a lot is called NSEconomy ( There are various other ones but i don't remember what they are off-hand, someone else might drop you a URL to them.