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Why am I called a pimp?

The Parkus Empire
22-05-2006, 04:53
I was just above "superior gamer", I posted "If your name was 'Adolf Hitler would you change it", and "would you rather rule the world, or know the meaning of life?" and boom "pimp" rating. I would appreciate information, or better yet, a link to something explaining the whole "rating thing".
22-05-2006, 05:27
If you want a reason... go look on Jolt. Here's the list.

Categories for Number of Posts
0=Just Joined Jolt
10=New Member
400=Sometimes Deadly
450=Quite Deadly
700=Superior Gamer
900=Gaming Master
1100=zx81 haxoror
1200=Cyber sheep merchant
1300=Cyber fruit merchant
1750=Forum boredom
2000=Semi Advanced Spammer
2250=Miss Pacman Lover
2500=Galaxian warrior
2750=Joltbot Shoeshinner
3000=Adminbots Boyfriend
3250=Cabbage Patch Girl
3500=Ph33rs0m3 Sp@mm3r
3750=Sp@mQueen Advisor
5000=SemiPro SpamPig
6000=Possible SOF Spammer
7000=Muppet Owner
8000=Uber SpamGirl
9000=Elite Jolt Forum User
10,000=Honorary spam Forum Owner