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Totally Awesome Idea!!!! (or incredibly bad idea, depending on your opinion of me)

21-05-2006, 19:48
I was thinking, would it be possible to add a "Co-Author" field to UN Proposals? Proposers could have a drop-down menu with options like "Co-authored by," "Authored by" (if the proposal is being submitted on another's behalf), "Special thanks to," "No Co-author" (to forfeit the field altogether) or whatever. Then they could type in the co-author's name. If the name's misspelled, or the nation doesn't exist, the system could give them a nifty red warning, like so: The co-author nation you have listed doesn't exist. Please make sure you have spelled the name correctly. The co-author's name would appear on the proposal as a link.

The co-author field could appear above or below the description field. Up to you. (After viewing the example, after would probably look better)


Kill tha wabbits
A resolution that will piss off NSUN fluffies to no end.

Category: Political Stability | Strength: Strong | Proposed by: Omigodtheykilledkenny (

Description: ELMER: Awwight, you scwewy wabbit, say ya pwayers. ... You too, duck.

DAFFY: "Wabbit Season!"
BUGS: "Duck Season!"
DAFFY: "Wabbit Season!"
BUGS: "Duck Season!"
DAFFY: "Wabbit Season!"
BUGS: "Duck Season!"

[Bugs unwittingly reveals an "Elmer Season" sign. Elmer laughs nervously and runs off. ...]

BUGS: Shh! Be vewy, vewy qwiet! We're huntin' Elmers!
DAFFY: Hahahahaha!!

[b]Co-authored by: Boricuastan (

Approvals: 34 (Russeya, Ultrasilvania, Desert Storm Iraq, Omskakas, Lnferno, Reke, Firebert, New Hamilton, Trauburg, Brozvakia, Huakan, Eve the First, SPASTIC COLON, Voicetrack, Hanzistantopia, Aetheronian Republics, Staplespoon, Agramerland, Prickles, East Vanistan, Iena, Pays de Suzi, Vegivorian, Errinundera, New Emland, Free Happiness States, Liu Chu, Kapellen, D41k57, Bladela, Rasla, Snafuna, Treblatas, Farnboroughingia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 92 more approvals)

Voting Ends: Wed May 24 2006
21-05-2006, 21:45
The co-author concept is an offshoot of the UN forum, and really only used by a very few UN regulars. We tolerate it (reluctantly) in the text, but we're very unlikely to add it to the code.